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Okay so here’s the sketches for the redesign of my monster bird species, Omni-Optical Skullbird. The first one contains the younger forms and doesn’t seem that much different, I just made their head more supported by feathers.

As you can see in their fully grown form, the feathers in the back of the head and neck grow a lot, and the head itself is very small, and almost appears like a mask. Now, when they close their eyes, you see nothing but their black eyelids, which just might be how they got their namesakes. It’s very haunting if you have no idea that their eyes are shut. Their tails no longer have those strange skeletal tendrils with eyeballs at the end. I found them really impractical and replaced them for actual tail feathers with eyes on them instead.

Also random facts written on the sheets, woo.

Posted at 8.11pm, on 24/04/13, with 3 notes.

#oc art #omni-optical skullbird #monster bird
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