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I admit, drawing Eirik at his lowest points is therapy for me. I just developed a large chunk of him recently so he’s all I’m thinking about.

That poor, poor butterfly man.

I already drew a scene like this last year with Eirik and Jayme, but it was never completed. I decided to sketch it again for funsies.

I was messing with pen textures and Eirik giving a death glare at someone while eating at a cafe happened. I find this funnier than I should.

This is my butterfly guy Eirik as a kid with his grandma. Or rather, guardian in general. It’s a bit of a complex situation, he was adopted by a naga lady as a baby because his parents abandoned him. She’s very old, about 230, so she jokingly told the child when he was old enough to speak to call her “granny.” He of course did that right away, and called her grandma ever since, leading to some confused looks and raised eyebrows. On top of it all, she used to be an assassin and decided to give up that life, and just so happened to find a bug boy to take care of.

It might not be perfect but the point is, I freaking drew out of my comfort zone, whew.

also I love snake ladies so much. and coral snakes. u v u

edit: fixed her body some

*forces self to draw hands and feet*

I drew kissing without a ref what is going on?? It turned out to be very not serious at all. Moki and Namina meet each other on the road at some point and after becoming close friends, stuff happens. It’s all pretty casual though and they still consider themselves friends, really.

Even older Moki loses his cool and gets flustered occasionally, haha.

Here have a horribly messy skullbird thing I did. I’m just trying to draw something. *sighs*

This WIP has been sitting here for ages, I feel really bad because this is also something I’ve been wanting to do for a friend and his birthday. Corissa and Faizah having a nice bonding moment and asdfghjk I really need to finish this! But wow I’ve begun to step out of my comfort zone here. If I post this here hopefully I have more motivation to finish it. If not, kindly send me an ask telling me to get back to work!

"It was me…I killed them. It’s all my fault. I will never, ever forgive myself."

Eirik’s been through some crap let me tell you.

It is extremely hard drawing intense expressions so if they look absolutely ridiculous I don’t blame you in the least.

Trying out some pixel art, a late b-day gift for PK! This is Min!