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*slams this WIP on the table* This for now.

Jayme is based off of the polyphemus moth, and one of his wings was damaged long ago, so flying is rather hard.

pfft, note how I put more work into his wings compared to Eirik’s. It was late last night though.

Fabulous Eirik wings at 4 am in the morning

Eirik and Jayme being cute bug gaybies.

I will always love Viral from Gurren Lagann. No one can stop me from thinking he’s the hottest shit on the planet.

I’ll color this tomorrow, it’s too good to me to leave here.

Some other Eirik expressions you might see in rare moments.

I was listening to Smash Mouth while drawing this, it was extremely unfitting in a comical way.

idk more Eirik stuff, I’m trying to figure him out better.

*runs in panting* I..I made it in time for Centaur Day!

I drew my deer guy Moki as, well, a deer centaur! Been meaning to for some time. The light source probably makes no sense here but ah well, better luck next time.

I admit, drawing Eirik at his lowest points is therapy for me. I just developed a large chunk of him recently so he’s all I’m thinking about.

That poor, poor butterfly man.

I already drew a scene like this last year with Eirik and Jayme, but it was never completed. I decided to sketch it again for funsies.