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I decided to design an OC a little that I’d been setting to the side for quite some time, since 2012 or so haha. Rhea, the bearded vulture lady. I developed her face, anyway. I’m still in floating heads rut for the most part, need to get better at drawing bodies.

Redesign of one of my OCs, originally a red kangaroo ferian, Zalie is now a tree kangaroo!

Ferian’s the name for my animal humanoids, in case anyone’s confused.

Another weird rendition of Pann, this time slightly draconic avian of sorts.

WIP of my OC Faizah and some random hydrangea I threw in. I’ve been feeling really eh lately art wise but I hope this turns out!

Eirik’s inspirational message of the day.

Pann as a small parrot!

I did the draw your cat in a dress day thing on tumblr, my cat Sora is chubby and lazy so here’s a sweater dress for her.

At last, art featuring both of these two, Corissa and Faizah, two rogue girls who travel together and go through a lot of hardships. I decided to focus on a scene where they’re simply enjoying time together with a beautiful sunset and music from Faizah’s guitar.

Here’s a song to go with. :>

I did it, I finally gave my owl guy, Wyatt, a proper design after FOREVER. I also figured out what his owl species is! The great horned owl, cause those tufts look adorable on him.

He loves to write, is into proofreading and languages, and also interested in the spirit world. He has social anxiety which makes it difficult to meet and interact with new people, but he’s getting better at socializing little by little, and wants to become a professor one day. He greatly prefers his owl form over humanoid form so he usually has more feathers out than many of my other bird people. He’s learned how to morph into an owl, but making it smaller sized is still something he’s working on.

He’s in a relationship with my red tailed hawk guy, Stellen, who also needs a newer art up here.

I finally did something, oh. I don’t know what I was doing with the colors but here you are.