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Sometimes having tea and looking at scenery is the best way to go.

Doodle of a dragon and Pann, it just kinda happened.

Suddenly Gabumon and Garurumon. I’ll probably do more with this later once I finish things!

Despite Pikachu being one of the easiest things to draw, I’ve always had a hard time drawing it so I decided to give it a shot. It turned into a full on scene with a Pikachu and Pichu racing each other. The Pikachu is probably its mentor or something, she looks very motivational!

This is what I got out of drawing a squiggly line tonight. It was fun!

Faizah can fully shapeshift into her animal form, and I decided from now on it’d be based from a serval instead of a cheetah. The legs were hard to get right, and they may still be off, but there’s no point in worrying too much since this is my first attempt at drawing a serval!

She has a bag of stuff she took here, and it’s easy to run in this form.

Corissa and Faizah, the inseparable rogues. Has Corissa ever really smiled this much alone? I wonder.

Actually, I had one more painting I wanted to take a picture of from my class earlier this year. Here’s a weird floating tree that I did and its closeups!

I started watching Digimon Adventures again, this time subbed with the original version! I always loved Biyomon a lot.

Here’s one more painting I felt like showing from my class earlier in the year. Some kind of bird spirit that brings spring with it, as you can see the cherry blossoms trees blooming among all the snow and cold. I got a little too obsessed with making sure this one turned out good, and ended up repainting the bird over and over. The original version of it was better to me, but it’s a learning process I suppose!